Lena Dunham & Chescaleigh

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I read about Chescaleigh meeting her on her blog,

‘Lena given me a new appreciation and understanding. It also made me realize that in the past, I’ve made the mistake of attacking the person and not the problems when talking about her and the show.’ 

‘It doesn’t make me feel good to look back on the way that I’ve criticized her and others. And in this instance I can honestly say that jealousy did play a small part in that’

That’s right because it’s not like Lena (or any white person, really) is the cause of racism just like her show is not the cause of racism, it’s simply a result of racism. And it is why it’s not right to attack any person, and Chescaleigh was very wrong in attacking her own people  when it was her that had this jealously and criticism towards Lena herself.

See how this hate for this director/actor was really just about jealously and criticism that she really had for herself that she projected unto her people, thus self-hating.

And look at how it rebounds for Lena! Her show was filled with mostly white people, because she prefers it like most white people and now she is the “weird” it girl of hollywood. And it didn’t really surprise me when it happened, because I grew up around her and other folks like her, so I knew quite soon most whites liked being around white people, not because it’s right they just don’t want to see us or be around us.

Their racism is the part of their culture they’ve kept apparently.

they stay racist.png

It’s not like Lena was the only one putting white people over black people in her shows or movies (Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand, Clint Eastwood…or almost all of hollywood scary enough). All big names, and NOT very different from her. Their behavior is the result of living in a racist society that only tell us ‘we’re sorry’ for killing off and slaving our people like it’s nothing because they think nothing about it. So weird, but normal common…

So maybe we can get pass talking about how racist white Girls are and insignificant White hollywood movies and shows we’ll probably never watch, but they might get an Oscar anyway. So, we can get to what is important like our livelihood, our economy, and our community, so that we don’t die out and we can’t really do that if we spent our time insulting Lena Dunham or Miley Cyrus no matter how strange and obscene they are.

9jol6t miley.jpg

Because, I’m here to tell you they don’t matter. It’s how Miley could do something stupid on stage and brag about ‘not giving a fuck’ because neither do we really give a fuck neither because in the end it’s just another racist white person, and we’ve learned what we needed from them. We’ve learned about the harm of disregard for black lives and the cultural appropriation that comes from it.


So, now we can thank these culture vultures for their ridiculous circus performance, because we’ve learn what NOT to do and how we can keep ourselves from looking like clowns like them. It’s time to leave the circus and do things we should ‘give a fuck’ about, because black lives do matter, and why do they matter… because we’ve learned about the type of people who don’t matter or who can give a fuck about the Miley and Lena Dunham person who don’t ‘give a shit’ and even piss in public spaces to prove it then put it on a show, but it doesn’t matter, right?









Rules For Commenting: This is a blog as well as a place for sharing your opinions to promote honest discussion in the black community. So there will be NO ATTACKS ON THE BLACK FAMILY. Please keep on point of discussion. Thank you! – Top Black Girl

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