‘I have never dealt with racism’ because you choose to ignore it Lil Wayne

When I saw Lil Wayne mumble about how he didn’t understand WHY Colin Kaepernick was protesting, and what the whole point of sitting down for the national anthem was about, I knew that my assumptions about self-hating black people are right.

And I know because I’ve practice self-hate and internalized racism. I’ve been at the point where I’d tell myself ‘racism didn’t exist because I was lucky enough to avoid it’ because it was better than saying you actually didn’t believe racism exist because you behaved better ‘than those other nigga’ so you’re just luckier than the other black people who got killed by racists and you were luckier to be able to behave better than those other black folks. So, that’s really why they died because they weren’t lucky enough like you to avoid racism.

So, now I know why Lil Wayne didn’t even bother to understand why Colin Kaepernick was doing what he was doing, and why someone then and there would’ve had to tell him what it was all about because that’s just how far behind he is. He is so far behind on what is going on in his own black community… because that’s where he’d rather be. He wants to be left with the white fuckers instead where he doesn’t have to care about the rest of the black community that he doesn’t even have to think of them or think about why police brutality has got so bad that even famous people are protesting the government.

That’s just how much he cares about black folks. You can even see it in how he treats himself.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.41.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.43.05 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.44.01 AM.png

Lil Wayne says he’s never experienced racism before yet he is addicted to taking a drug that given him seizures, been incarcerated for simply smoking marijuana, has been in lawsuits against the music industry, and had got in fights and feuds with other black men, but he’s never dealt with racism before?

On his quest to be the cool black dude who is so incredibly passive, this is what he wrote on his twitter…

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.51.18 AM.png

But, EVERYBODY hasn’t been on your crowd, that’s the real undisputed fact.

As blacks we’ve always been on everybody’s side, but we’ve haven’t always been on our own side. We haven’t been on our own side of the game well enough to tell each other we’re beautiful no matter how black we are and that our lives along with everyone else does matters. While we’ve been cheering for everyone else, we forgot to cheer for ourselves. Some of us got to a point where we simply just didn’t care anymore… and some of us continued to take drugs to the point of hurting ourselves and overdosing. We’ve developed so much hate for ourselves we share it with others much like ourselves when we became good at getting into feuds and just not caring anymore.

So, as a black person who has accidentally said “I have never dealt with racism”

What I really meant to say is “I don’t deal with racism, because I ignore it.”

How do you ignore it, you ask? You can ignore it by taking drugs that can make you believe nothing exist, and so therefore, racism must not exist. You may even take those drugs to the point that you don’t believe in anything, and you are maybe believing in nothing until you’re sent to the hospital suffering a seizure.

It doesn’t even have to be JUST drugs, we’ve got mental and personality disorders as well. A black celebrity may become narcissistic enough to believe they are God while they slack out and do nothing for the black community, but their arrogance is enough for them to believe in their own lie.

My curse was becoming depressed and my sadness made me believed nothing mattered, so I didn’t matter, therefore black people didn’t matter. Nothing matter. And you may never realize just how easy suicide seems when you get that way, you may even start destroying yourself with drugs and you’ll never know, because you forgot it mattered.

Don’t ever forget that WE matter, all of us and the people who have died from racist violence (our asncestors)… or you may pay the price through destroying yourself first. And we all need each other now, so you can not let yourself go like that.

Be careful sometimes when you make yourself believe you don’t matter because people might believe you. They believe Lil Wayne.






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