Pro Black, Not Anti-White: Why we can never forget

Some of us black girls, weren’t as lucky like others who got to live amongst black people. Some of us black girls, got caught in The American Dreams of the late 90’s and we didn’t get to come back at home. So, we lived amongst the majority of whites, hispanics and asians. We learned in our own way integration wasn’t meant for us because the whites didn’t want to integrate with us, and neither did we.

Then some of us, like me, were too busy trying to impress whites, vying for their attention all the time. We wanted to show them just how magical black people are when really whites only believed in the magical negro because they already thought we were special, and not the good kind.

So, now here I am living in this lily white community. And it’s as lonely as you expect it to be, but I love the home I live in, my keratoconus is better due to the moist air and after being depressed for a long time… I feel like I’m finally learning to be happy again; child-like and not childish.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 1.55.36 PM.png

But, I had to first learn that living with white people did not mean they were my friends, no matter how hard I try to make it that way or believe it. To them, I’m just a pet they like to show off just like their cheap golden necklaces. Try to deny it all I want, but I’ll just wonder why I am being used and conclude to myself that life is simply unfair.

No, racism is just still here, the white elite just have found a successful way to make life unfair to keep their greedy money and it as one of their presidents says, and it hasn’t changed ever since.

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” -Lyndon B. Johnson

I had to learn that around white people, but most of all… I realized why they never impressed me, because they are not ever really that impressive themselves. How impressive could a person be if their values depends on currency? We know why western economies are failing including supposedly so advanced Europe and America, we also know why we were actually getting our resources from Africa, which is supposed to be a poor countinent with nothing.

Yet, the West has all of this paper money and still has to get it resources from poor countries? It even has to get it’s own coffee from majority-african countries (that are supposedly poorer and stupid-er) that the all famous Starbucks puts in their own drinks that they sell in their gentrified neighborhoods.

So, I had my nigga-wake up call, and nobody had to say a word to me. Racism was all around me for that in the form of a white friend, just like the time I tried to hurt myself and my white friend just laughed at me. Then I knew why I didn’t have any black pride, because white supremacy was that strong. It was destroying me, and I didn’t even know it. It was making the white girl crazy because all she can do was laugh at the person trying to kill herself in front of her. They made those into lynchings back then, and now it didn’t feel too different.

Simply by white supremacy and racism; an artificial system for white systematic power. Truthfully their real power is their image, all you see on the media are white faces, but behind all that arrogant flashy power is a selfish weakness; racism.

And you think why do white keep this racist shit up, because they are not that powerful or not as powerful as you would see all around you, and on your television screens. They are a genetic minority. Maybe not in America, but in the whole entire world they are. It’s why they are so insecure, and why they have their odd TV shows and false idols to tell them to love themselves. That’s the best their white pride could get amongst slavery and killing, and they still don’t know how to tell their white women or themselves that they are beautiful maybe because white pride isn’t beautiful. So, then how can they honestly do that by lying in the first place, anyway?

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 6.08.43 PM.png

Despite awful race relations nowadays, we always have the choice in destroying the evil system of an institution that is White Supremacy. Just like the fact that there are more of us Blacks on this planet, therefore more people to rid the world of white supremacy. We have black power after all. Its something we need to start taking seriously.

All it took for me to be aware of my surrounding and to grow into the person I am, all it took was simply knowing how insignificant my enemies were, sometimes I don’t even see them taking a stroll outside, enjoying the nice weather. Maybe they’re still waiting for their fave celeb to remind them to love themselves, because they forgot to do it themselves while they learned how to hate and be racist making their excuses of reverse racism… They even forgot how nice of a day this is, and aren’t I suppose to be the target of their white power system? See how false the system is…

So, I let them be. They were never significant, they’ve just learn the power of slavery by creating racism. That’s not power, that a weakness (a genetic one) that tells me you still need people to do your shit for you, because you simply didn’t have the power to do it yourself in the first place, like make your own country, America.

So, do I hate Whites?

Whites do, and there possibly been a rise in suicide because of it. And I’m not surprised. What comes around goes around after all, and karma eventually comes to everyone, it’s the circles that keep going round, like the pendulum swing. It never stops.


We’ve always known how to stop it. We know that if you curse a nation, you’re just cursing yourself within it. When you bring slavery to a country you’re supposed to be proud of would it really surprise you when you’re not proud because is sabotaging and killing people really anything to be proud of? You can maybe have fake pride that is as fake as plastic, white supremacy, while all the plastic waste of this world causes natural disaster because of it, but that’s the best they can do. White supremacy is just an image after all; a mirage.

It’s not going to take hating whitey (he/she already hates themselves, anyway) or believing in ill-will to destroy racism, but it’s going to take a lot of organization; political, economical, and spiritual. And it start with us, the original kings and queen, to unify ourselves and organize and we just might make a better nation. It’s the power of being pro-black, not anti-white. It’s always been about us, anyway.








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