Is This Real?

I understand that people will have a hard time believing that I’ve dealt with these celebrities in person, but it doesn’t change that fact neither. Believe it or not. It surprises me that while people recognize that racism is rampant in america, they still exclude hollywood! And as a person who has been around these celebrities, I could see just how disconnected people are from them. When they shouldn’t be, because should celebrities be so different from their audience that they can’t see their world reflected in their work or the racism in this case that should never be excluded from thought?

So rather than strictly believing in my encounters with these famous people, look at the results of their works, shows and music. That’s the real evidence to focus on, my blog could just simply help you with that, I hope! And maybe you’ll have your own encounter with a famous person and see that they are not so different from their less-rich, average audience/peers/counterpart, one was just in the rich minority and had some money to spare on making music videos or shows, and happen to get popular off of it.

I’ve realized for a long time that a big part of my life has been effected by these celebrities. I was in a relationship with one and as well as an escort to some two decades ago and had just moved to America. I had come from a poorer country, and was not familiar with the commercialism of celebrity culture, and just how crazy people are about idolizing these people that some of them are considered gods. So, knowing that my experience could be useful to others since it’s rare to have lived around celebrities or rare to at least acknowledge that as people like to pretend that all the information they need about their richer, well off counterparts should ALL be coming from magazines rather than actual people. I realized how true this was when my family moved to a poorer part of the country.

Also, it’s not right to worship any human being like a god or you’re worshiping a false idol, so you can’t be worshipping God. Honestly, no human is supposed to take the place of God, but I guess this is where America just isn’t very good at religion. Maybe one day it will be. We’ll see…



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