My Personal Experience with Lena Dunham

It’s true what Francesca Ramsey says about her, she is nice and friendly…at least, when she wants to be. When she was wasn’t, she was weird and aloof, and very hard to get to know, but was she mean or angry? No, but she could be snooby when she ignores you to go into her own world, as if her own world was better than yours. At least, she’d make you feel that way. It’s the same way she made people feel about her generation comment, she’s good at making people feel like they don’t matter without being mean; it’s just how well being arrogant suits her personality.

And that’s what Lena was like most of the time, and then she could be very nice and friendly, but compared to the shit this woman put me through her friendliness wouldn’t be enough to charm me, anyway.

She pretty much would bully me, she was sneaky with how she did it though. I’d be the only biracial person in a room with all these rich white people, and she’d make some racist comment about Asians, referring to me. She’d say it to a bystander, though. Not me. So, while everyone would awkwardly laugh and try to ignore how blatantly racist that was, I’d have to bite my tongue and be quiet… in public. There’s was already enough attention brought to myself.

Later on she told me that’s ‘bad attention’ so she could continue making her weak argument about publicity to me, yet she reacted racially and aggressively to do it. So, I simply told her ‘No, that’s alienation.’

When I caught her alone, I may sure to voice my displeasure at how gross of a thing that was to do, I’d make my feelings known no matter what. And she hated me every last inch for it. She hated having to work around a person of color who wouldn’t simply ignore her and her bullshit just like her other white counterparts would. And I staunchly believe to this day, the reason why she didn’t make friends with blacks or anyone of color at the college in New York she went to is because people like me scared her. And she wanted to get back at me for it, she wanted me to feel scare. Not her.

So, for a long time she made my life hell for it. She’d start rumors, gossiped and talked my white peers into hating me. According to them, they had to listen her, being children while she was the adult. To them it was better than listening to the black girl around their age, while Lena was supposedly this big nice white woman who was a white feminist who believed in equal rights.

And those white kids did things to this day that I still have a hard time getting over. In fact, it’s one of the reason I have depression, just because of the awful things this white woman was willing to say about a black girl to all of the white children in my class. And through that, I got my strongest wake up call to the existence of racism, it was going to be beaten into me if I liked it or not. Beside racist have always been around, they’ve just become smarter about how they do it, and I’m still sick because of it eve to this day.

Lena Dunham is and will always be a criminal to me, that’s how she was the first time I met her (aloof and sneaky) and it’s the same conclusion I’ve come to even now. You think the worst thing she’s done in her life is molest her younger sister instead of simply being a molester and a pedophile?

I believe she never learned limitations and boundaries well when she was growing up. It showed in the way she molested her sister, and it showed in all the things she was willing to say to those white kids to pit them against me. I even had some of those very white kids come up to me as teenagers in high-school and apologize for what they did to me because it was that awful. They say they were only kids and did not know how to take what Lena said about me, so they took it out on me instead, and having been abused by her myself, I understood what they were going through.

She’s not a healthy person, physically or mentally. She’s doesn’t even know how to limit herself very well, it just shows better in how she treats blacks and other people of colors (not big like those girls in Detroit, right lena)? She’s just found a safe place to blow up at, that is probably how she had to learn how to stop crossing boundaries with her sister, instead she would just crossed boundaries with people who were at more of a disadvantage than her; poorer people and most certainly, black people.

I’m one of her victims, but I know who the real shameful person is…





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