Black Women Vs. Black Men

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Now that we’ve got rid of the shackles and whips, there is still the rest of slavery or racism sustained by white supremacy, that we must get rid of. And there are only three realms in this world: physical, mental, and spiritual. We experience the physical when the warm sun shines on us. We experience the mental when we think about how nice it feels, so we appreciate it, because you can only praise the earth when you see it for how beautiful it is. Plus it’s the only factors that truly influences us in life; from our senses, to our thoughts, and to who we are.

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This is important to know, and I believe this is currently why black women and black men are feuding. While we tiptoed and made sure whitey was peachy, because we still learned better how to take care of them than ourselves due to our miseducation that our enemies happily taught us, we also didn’t get that time to learn and grow with ourselves and each other, we were too busy helping the devil to realize when we really needed to help ourselves, and so we got rid of slavery in the physical realm, yet there is still the mental (self hate and internalized racism) and as well as the spiritual. Because if they can screw us over mentally how then could we ever connect to ourselves spiritually… we still haven’t learned to connect to ourselves!

So, then how are we going to connect to one another in healthy ways? An unhealthy minds leads to an unhealthy body that fits in  perfectly with a just as miserable environment that is just as disgusting to spend our time in, but it’s familiar. And that’s how we ultimately become comfortable in it. That why we’re used to being mean to each other, it’s just taken form through our gender-hate, so now we get angry at our black men, while they’re angry at their black women. We’ve learned how to hate ourselves so well that we’ve even learn how to hate each others in groups, black women vs. black men.

And how can you learn better than through experiences, right? It’s what happened when I began dating a white man. He was so gross and abusive, I started to question if my attraction to him was honest and true or if it was just nice to say ‘I have a white boyfriend’ and he can’t truly hate me if this is how far we’ve progressed. But is it really so impressive that we’ve progressed so much that we’re able to share the bedroom with our enemies, while swapping spit and touching each other genitalia to express our love to one another.

Did we really think that we can love our enemies when they don’t even know how to love themselves, hence why they continually don’t know what love is. That’s why they have no problem comparing love to cocaine…. Here’s what I found on Psychology Today:

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And they continue staying confused. It’s why they have to read their magazine on how to talk to one another, because they still don’t even know how to make love to each other or have sex with one another. They still don’t know if they’ve found the right one, so their magazines will tell themScreen Shot 2016-09-29 at 12.49.17 PM.png

And it was being in a relationship with a white man that gave me such a headache, I could understand looking at a magazine as trashy as this one, just to understand what was going on in our relationship, because…sometimes I honestly didn’t want to do it on my own, because now I can pretend I’m as white as those white girls, because I had a white boyfriend, but I didn’t understand the only privilege I could get from that is being able to read about my white problems in a white girl magazine. That’s the only privilege being a black women that think like white girls so much she’d even want their trashy white ex-boyfriends will get you anyway.

But, how convienent is it for me to just blame black men, and just point at them for our troubles. Then I don’t have to feel so bad for myself and pathetic, it was the black men fault, right Christleyn Karazin?

So, you can see some of the tools the white oppressors gave us when we tried to make ourselves just as white as them, they gave us the supposed privilege to hate black people just as much as they do, but this time we’ll blame our opposite gendered counterparts, and try NOT to hate each other amidst it all.

But, honestly I just hated myself, and it showed in my loser, abusive white boyfriend, and all the excuses I gave for him, while instead of reading magazines by white girls talking about how to love their white men, I could have been reading important, educational books by Amos Wilson and Dr. Cress Welsing on my OWN people, learning how to love myself, and most naturally, black men. Look, it even feels so natural, I don’t even need magazines! I just learn how to appreciate myself, and black people (black women AND black men) by reading about our rich african history, and listening to black scholars that care about black people, not white people or you might learn to hate yourself or the other sex within your race.

And that’s why I’m against interracial relationships, and having sexual relations with our enemy. It seems the more that we love our enemies, the more we began to hate ourself. It has even become normal to see words like black women vs. black men, rather than black women AND men. We forgot how to stick with one another so well that now we forgot just how great loving each other is.

So, while I’m against interracial relationship, and I AM NOT against the people within them, because I USED to be one of them, and we’ve seemed to easily forget we are more alike than different as black human beings, beside we must love ourselves as we love each other, so we must forgive ourselves, so we can forgive one another.

And ones that love is in place we have the power to create our communities, economies and establishments, but as long as the love is not there, we might look even more pathetic than you can imagine….

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With all the gentrifying while pushing us out of our own communities, what community will we actually have? Then somehow homelessness makes sense, doesn’t it?

So, amidst these hard time between ourselves, as black people we CANNOT hate ourselves, just as we cannot hate members within our race, because right now we need each other more than ever, but we’re not going to come to depend on one another if we’re busy hating black men or black women. We can’t afford it at this point. Yurugu sees our hate for one another, and they’re striking out and killing us; they’re taking advantage of it. Sometimes I think if I stayed in my relationship with my white ex-boyfriend of a year ago, maybe that would’ve of been my future. I don’t know, because I didn’t want to find out.

My advice to my black kings, and black queens keep your friends closer and your enemies farther because don’t think that while the white puppets do the exact opposite, they’re not also looking at you when they say ‘keep your enemies closer’. White power is hate, but Black power is love. There’s a difference for a reason.









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