I Dated White Men…

*This is not to Cyn G (I love her and appreciate what she’s done) but to the commentators on the video. This is to the black women and men who wrote such ugly things ‘pathetic for dating a white man’ and wanted to speak over my experience, saying they ‘don’t know why I dated him’ when never asking me.*


I’ve deleted this post.

But, what I’ve learned from the terrible comments about internalized racism that is also externalized, that rather than helping a person up, leaving a person down to degrade them is not just internalized racism, but racism that is experienced externally; externalized racism. This racism experienced from other black people who express their self-hate by talking down on black people like them.

I also at the same time, must forgive black people for thinking like this, and making those comments.

We’ve experienced so much racism within these thousand years. We’ve experienced slavery to experience racism. Experienced white-controlled segregation to only be integrated with the same type of people who hated us. So, I absolutely forgive us black people for they way we behave, but at the same time, it cannot be ignored. Even experiencing racism or intense hatred from other black folks cannot be disregarded.

So, back to my own experience…..

I didn’t realized just how terrible black women have treated each other, and at worst, even with the black man supporting it.

Ones again, we are the ones responsible for our downfalls, and current downfall.

Because as black people we’ve forgotten that when a person falls down, you help them up.

Because now self-hatred, as well as the promotion of hatred, is more popular than being simply helpful and kind. And comforting of one another when we have terrible experiences.

And for simply stating my experience in the hope that I can help other black women having the same and similar experiences, who are too afraid of talking about their experiences due to being called ‘loser’ and ‘pathetic’ for having their experiences as black women (even with white men) and being open about what they’ve experienced no matter how horrible and unique of an experience that is.

But, that was too much for some people.

And sadly, for black women.

As black people we don’t just need to be AWAKE to acknowledge white supremacy, we need to be AWAKE to also deal with each other. Not put each other down.

I will not be putting this post up again. Thank you.





4 thoughts on “I Dated White Men…

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Three years ago, I was in an interracial relationship. He lied from day one. He used and abuse me. I will never date a white men again.


  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve gone through this. As a black man from the Caribbean, this article shows me that I need to do better and appreciate black women more than ever. Yes we black men need to do better to treat black women better. I’m working on a qualification on becoming an accountant and looking to create my own business. Also I’ll searching for love and I hope I end up being with a black woman. I hope you heal from this situation and move forward with your life.

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