Why Chrsitelyn Karazin and me Dated White Men (And why I stopped)

I dated the loser who created this movie.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 6.52.17 PM.png

On top of that this was the only supposedly impressive things he did out of his 39 years of life; a budget movie. Afterwards, he tried to create a punk rock band, and this was the song they made that got any type of views:

And not surprisingly, his band broke up after having made the video and trying to sing it at a house party. He’s been broke ever since and is living on minimum wage, and even for the time I spent living with him, I was the only one making money… as a cam model, I made enough money to pay our rent.

‘Dating is easy ‘cuz I come out a winner
I never buy flowers or pay for dinner
Hot little groupies always pay for me
Sang a song on stage so the drinks are free’

Yep, this is the loser I dated and this is also how much of a loser I became with him, and now he’s put MY money back into his crusty punk white ass lifestyles by doing nothing and mooching off of me, and I fell for it because I wanted a good white man. I learned this is how good they’ll ever be, apparently.

Ones again, why am I against interracial dating because I was in an interracial relationship where the white man made fun of taking advantage of me because I paid for his dinner, since he was too broke to pay for it on his own, he even bragged about buying steaks with my food stamps….

‘Never have to go to awkward social events
Don’t give pricey gifts ‘cuz I don’t have a cent
Food stamps buy me lobster and steak
The rest of the month: TV dinners and cake’

Yet he’d never admit that he used my food stamps to buy all of that, and he’s probably laughing with his nazi punk friends about how blacks are supposedly welfare queens, yet he’s the weirdo bragging about using food stamps,  and not being able to buy things for himself, while taking advantage of girls for their money while he’s at it.

So, while some swirlers love to say that the white men love them better than the black men, they don’t realize that while their white boyfriends are loving or complimenting them on their natural hair and their fierce attitude (as is the case with black girl/white man swirlers), they may also be taking advantage of them. But as long as we keep on overjoicing for these neanderthal white men for seeing us as human, along with the fact that they are not so disgusted by us as to not have sex with us, they make it up in the end by using us for something, usually economically.You’ll see this happen to plenty of black football & basketball players  For me, it was the same thing. Money, and he almost stole my livelihood when I almost became homeless because of it.

By the way, white men have never been disgusted by having sex with us, because they’ve learn how to make sex  disgusting by raping enslaved black women ever since they’ve colonized this country of native America, and then sexualizing us so they have an excuse to do it. Which is just really, racism.

It took some weeks, but reading Miseducation of the Negro made me realized my inner worth and I was able to get out of the relationship before things got too bad.

And now I live in a really nice area, and he still lives in the gentrified projects with his nazi buddies while he tries to find other young girls to scam. Hopefully, none of them will be Black this time.

That’s the end of any type of intimidate relationships I’ll ever have with white men.


Plus, you get this experience up close and personal in your intimate relationship with yurugu. So, be careful.

7 thoughts on “Why Chrsitelyn Karazin and me Dated White Men (And why I stopped)

      1. Ok…one loser white guy makes all white guys losers? Not! Just as one loser black guy does not mean all black men are losers. Your argument seems a little ridiculous.
        We as women (black, white, brown, yellow, etc.) must learn to vet our partners and quickly say bu-bye to those that don’t meet our standards! Just saying.


      2. My point isn’t that all white men are losers (and yes, they are), but enough are that you need to keep yourself from getting into an intimate relationship with one. And due to white people and men history and things that are currently happening (Donald Trump) you may not be keen to obvious SIGNS that he is not worth getting involved with, and its usually due to things like his white friends and the social group he hangs around and as a black girl you’re going into this relationship with a different social group and background than he is. You’re going into it completely ignorantly, hence you’ll be easy to take advantage of, and therefore you probably WILL be taken advantage of, as a white man has nothing to lose anyway.

        If you’re in an intimate/sexual relationship with white people. I politely disagree with you. Besides, its your own undoing after all and all I can do is warn you of the disaster that could happens.

        So, if you’re a very scared, desperate black women like I used to be, you may put your standards on low and date a loser, without knowing it. It happens more easier than you know. Otherwise…

        As my friends say:
        Ones you go White, you don’t come out Right.

        Hence this warning of having interracial relationship with white men. I was lucky in that I got what I needed from this white man (monetarily) and was able to leave, so that things didn’t get serious or seriously worse than they are.

        To the people who think this is ALL about white men and not white supremacy and racism that give a platforms for incidence like this to happen! Please stay on key. -TopBlackGirl


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Three years ago, I was in an interracial relationship. He lied from day one. He used and abuse me. I will never date a white men again.


  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve gone through this. As a black man from the Caribbean, this article shows me that I need to do better and appreciate black women more than ever. Yes we black men need to do better to treat black women better. I’m working on a qualification on becoming an accountant and looking to create my own business. Also I’ll searching for love and I hope I end up being with a black woman. I hope you heal from this situation and move forward with your life.

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