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There are many reasons why I am against interracial relationship, especially when they are with the oppressors who have created a dangerous system of white supremacy to show us their thank you for having us be enslaved to them. For one thing I am a product of an interracial relationship and I’ve experienced first hand just how wrong things can become. What does it feel like for your own mother to hate you for not coming out as light skinned as the father. I, along with many others, would have never had learned how terrible that feels if it weren’t for interracial dating.

There is also a history that goes along with interracial dating. What’s interesting is how swirly black men or Christelyn Karazin types are about this. While they sing about how great it is to be in an interracial relationship with a man or a female of another race, they will never go into the actual history of it, and just how these relationship always found a way to benefit the white person while providing a privileged position for them, yet while burdening and taking advantage of the black person, if it’d be within slavery or being in the lower-class within racism.

And like a dog happening upon fresh meat, how nice would it be when you can take advantage of a person for being disadvantaged and get away with it under the disguise of love. Whites are not fucking around. There is no value in their paper money, just as there is no real value in taking advantage of people, but there is power. Whites have savaged themselves into having power, so they wouldn’t mind lying and fucking their ways into relationship, if it means more power in the end.

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Just like a porn star wouldn’t mind fucking a black men or licking a toilet if it meant getting money in the end. And who knows, she might get away with hurling insults while she’s at it. There’s a lot you can get away with in lust, NOT love.

We must do what we absolutely must do to act against the systems of white supremacy by any mean necessary. This also means that our enemies are also upholding the system of white supremacy by any means necessary, if it’d be by genocide or slavery, or even using the new systems of racism in the form of social stratifications, like Blanqueamiento (whitening the population).

So, already within America in South America they have already used interracial relationships to get rid of the black population. This show that our enemies have already known just how they can take advantage of us through integration, and especially assimilation. They know that the closer you get to them, the more vulnerable you become. And as you become intimate with them, they will learn more about you, and soon they may have you wrapped around their finger. All the better to their advantage, while this just may becomes a disadvantagment for you.

It has certainly been a disadvantage to me. Being a child of an interracial relationship where my black mother hates herself for being a black women, and hates her daughter more for having her features while having an Arab father getting the same anger thrown at him. He really tried to make me into a proud black women, and how sad & pathetic that it had to a my father of a different race and sex doing this for me.

It’s been so bad, I even have got dislocated from my family. And we don’t talk, and when we do it’s hardly ever. What a way to feel bad for being black, because your black mother didn’t want you to look like her. Yet how convenient for the white supremacist, yet it fit into his racist matrix perfectly.

And so here we are…

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Very much confused it seems

So, we must lernen







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