Sandra Bland, Suicide or Murder?

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We think the lowest a person could go is to murder someone, but it doesn’t stop there. While we’ve been fucking around with white people, they’ve evolved to our environment and they’ve observed our ways, then toyed with us to miseducate us while we allowed them in our spaces. And they’ve learn advanced ways of destroying people, they’ve learn how to kill someone without going through all the proper consequences, they’ve learn that while they may be criminals, they don’t have to be considered ones. The white power reflected in their white privilege has blinded them to reality, now instead of being ignorant, they can be actively ignorant, and rewarded instead of rightfully punished. This is how backward we’ve all become.

Just as you can destroy a culture through someone, you can destroy a person through their culture. Just as you destroy someone without being the one to pull the trigger, because someone has already done it for you. Our enemies are not only intent on killing us, they’re also intent on us committing suicide if that’s what it takes to destroy and destroy us all together, if it’s be directly done by them, or if they just taught us how to do it better.

I believe that’s what happened to Sandra Bland. I believe that instead of having the ‘face-to-face check on her welfare every 15 minutes instead of the hourly checks normally required’ for a woman normally traumatized, they done the exact opposite knowing fulling well to not put her on ‘suicide watch’ but have her kill herself instead.

I remember the intensity of Brian Encinia’s voice when he accused Sandra Bland of a traffic violation. That’s the intensity that stayed in the atmosphere to when he was banging her head, and to when she committed suicide, and so they destroyed her, taking another one of us with them. That was the result, and that’s just what they’ve planned for. That we are destroyed if it be by murder or suicide, and it’s why we as black people must protect ourselves and our people by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


Because our enemy is going to try to destroy us anyway, if they’d be the ones to do it, or the ones to have one of us do their bidding for them. They’ll be the death of us even if it means not being responsible, as long as we die as a people. That’s all thats matter to our enemies, the end result, or as a blogger said so wisely ‘The Plan’

And it has instilled so much of the fear within Sandra Bland that she was driven to madness, and eventually to death. The plan had worked.

And while black people are not one of the groups of people to be committing suicide the most next to white people, we may be beginning to walk on the same path as them, especially as suicide begins to increase for our black boys, and we’re also seeing just how sick the people in our community are becoming that already black men are marrying white women more than black women, while the white woman could’ve been the very Becky accusing them of rape or wanting to pull out a gun on a black man simply because one of them looked at her.

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So, be very aware of the white enemy as well as the other people who are on his team backing him up (George Zimmerman & Brian Encinia) and the coons who may seem very silly at first, but are actually very dangerous and are obviously not opposed to taking someone lives, just as their dogs might not be opposed of taking their own lives for their massa, just as long as the fear completes the plan, as the police officer would honestly say, looking at their actions, which are even more honest that words.

And to those that are feeling depressed, as we reasonably will, care for yourself, love yourself, so that you may love all of the people within your family again, so they you can love your black father, mothers, son and daughter. We need that love, and we need that anger so it can burn at the right places instead of within in our communities, so we can learn how not to destroys ourselves, to not let the danger come from within. Be the right kind of dangerous, black girl dangerous, and not dangerous within ourselves.

Because make no mistake about it, while the enemy finished it’s miseducation on you, they will recreate you and not in the image we were intended, but into something more dangerous, so dangerous it even hates itself, and hates it own people more. More dangerous than a misrepresentation of our own people or an image.

If they can kill us from within by making us without, they will. And I don’t doubt they’ve already begun.

So, be as aware of your environment as you will to have be of yourself, and that means taking care of yourself, physically and especially emotionally, so that then you can be ready to face your enemies. They are coming.

So teach yourself the power of your mind, and of your potential. I pray and meditate when I do this, while I pray for the livelihood of my people, I work it within myself, as I believe all of us will need to start doing very soon. There is something beyond mentalities and material/physical reality that is going on here.

While our enemies comes, and as we get ready on this Earth for what’s about to come. We need the Most High strength, we need our spiritual power. We need to be within the creation of our creator, the Most High, not our enslavers; our enemies.

May Ra/Yushua/Allah be with you, and may ye have strength.

We’re going to need it.


HOORAY ! Happy to see that Dylan Roof has been formally sentenced to death ever since this blog post has been posted.

Keep up the good work Black family! Let’s continue to show yt people what we really mean! :D



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