Does a Trump Presidency signify the end of White supremacy?

There’s no denying it now. And this time, not even for white people. Everyone must acknowledge the racism in this country. People must acknowledge those Donald Trump supporters white supremacist for who they are now, they were always there, the white people who thought they knew them, just choose to ignore their racism, including the very people who have been supporting white supremacist ideals.

This means for us black people, there’s no stopping us now! We always knew what was happening, and what is coming. And now we know our confirmations are right. The only people shocked are the white minorities, which are white people, both men and woman. There are 8% population of Whites, and a continuous low birth rate, while there is 15% population of blacks that is growing.

Our African economies are developing a lot faster than America and Europe’s economies.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 8.57.49 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 8.56.04 AM.png

And they keep going while America, Europe and ALL or MOST western countries economies stay stagnant within 0%-3%

We’ve always had the power, black power. And whites have been so confused by their own white power, they are still surprised at who is president.

But, we always knew the very white enemies we’ve been dealing with. So, my advice… Continue to arm yourself, and keep yourself at a distance from white people, and even non-black people (Asians and Spaniards) because white people have a low population on this earth, we know they’ve been getting help from the Asians who are obsessed with being white or western (as they say) through China with the help of other eastern Asian countries and other westernized nonblack countries.

While the white supremacist harass us, they think they are able to do this due to Donald Trump. But, we know the truth. We know that they’ve always been able to do this, and it really because they just don’t care.

And while they act like the white neanderthals they always were, through this presidency they can only be exposing themselves so let them expose themselves. This time we have exposure on our side, but as usual, we must always keep ourselves safe, and even actively defend ourselves. It’s coming to the time we may finally destroy these beasts.

And, we’re ready. As we should always be.

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