How we need to deal with white supremacy

An attempted murderer being pardoned by getting  a court order — that essentially amounted to a stern warning: if you do this again, you will go to prison

Almost taken advantage and abused of the same way.
Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 4.45.54 PM.png
Don’t Pardon Mark Wahlberg

How surprising is it to read about those mutated albinos assaulting us to the point that someone is almost killed or murdured? It’s what these beings are… we’ve either learned by having something bad happen to us or seeing someone else do it.We experience it indirectly or directly, but as long as the albinos are there, so will be their white supremacy (their ego trip) and white privilege (systematic racism). It’s why we must unify under black supremacy. Instead of being whitewash, faded away. We must blackout, take over.  Which is why we have to be strict about the black community, the black economy, nationality; we must exclude certain ideologies (racial integration), and include racial realities, like supporting and buying black businesses. We either do what we NEED to do, or do nothing at all, and be useless to ourselves and others within our racial community.

It’s a good warning to the black family of the beast within white people. They are neanderthal, and not human. They don’t even have color in their skin (they are blanco/blank albinos), while the rest of the world’s people have colored and dark skin; melanin.

race category.png

And honestly…It’s scary how many of us just won’t accept that fact. How we rather imagine our own reality of the world. Then see and acknowledge what’s really going on within ourselves, never looking outside of ourselves, just hiding ourselves away. It’s how we’ve learned to be introverted, but black people have always been extroverted. It suits us best. Yet here we are (alone usually) and we sit & watch our televisions and our mainstream media. And so we watch live go by, and do nothing with it. Instead of being present within our enviroments and homes. It’s obvious that there is something unnatural among us if it’d be from outside (our external environment) and/or inside (our internal environment). It’s obvious we are not dealing with humans, but rather neanderthal who are just mutated albinos of ourselves.

And they’ve blended into our lives as our enslavers/oppressors seemingly approaching us as human (we’ve come in peace bullshit). Yet they’ve always been alien; foreign. It’s not their appearance or looks (it seems to be, AKA the halo effect) but their demeanor or presence; energy.

They got us so confused that while we the black people and nonwhite people of this world and planet are the majority and it’s native inhabitants. We think of ourselves in terms of being minorities wherever we go, yet we feel alien among ourself. Satan prowls the street; Satan i gatan (svenska language).

Will we ever know? I  wonder. Will we ever get pass the trauma of white supremacy that we are suffering as black people? With how our emotions and mentality are affected, and therefore intertwined in it that we can ever break free? The physical abuse was hard to enough to get through (more surprising to have survived through) but it was the mental abuse that pained me the longest. Now I’m medicated. Being a coon simply takes more years off your life than you already had for simply just being oppressed and hated by everyone else.

You get scared enough into surrendering, giving up, and becoming submissive. Now you’re servile, becoming a slave to the system that determines it for you, because you didn’t determine soon enough for yourself and it gave way to the incarceration rate raising for black men and women, and our lynchings in the form of abuse, torture and murder in this here 21’st century of today.

Now it’s time for us to stand up, but I’ve known what it’s like to sit out. And so do many of us, unfortunately.

So, it’s not a surprise….

Look at who is still getting trial for killing nine black people a year ago.

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 5.08.42 PM.png

Look at what we’ve allowed these monsters to get away with.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 6.36.20 AM.png
Black people who have died unfairly this century

And as a result (and not a very surprising one based on the information) we have this white man for president.

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 5.14.53 PM.png

And through out it all we’ve allowed these albinos to get away with what we’ve done to us that it’s looking us right in the face. It didn’t have to be exposed, for the sickness of white supremacy was already there.

Trinh was NOT the only now who had let these albino get away with attacking us, so had everyone else.

Including me.

For a while it did ruin my life. I learned just how well established and hidden (that it creeps out on you) that white supremacy is. It was even in my home. It was even in my white foster father who always seemed to give me eerie stares for no reason, and I shrugged them off (always surprisingly).

I learned not just how the slaver created the slave, but how slaves have learned to slave themselves for their oppressors. Slavery is only far enough in the past that you can still sense it. Even experience it at the hands of a crime just any moment. You may even die and be murdered because of it the next day.

And honestly, I lost it. I lost it really bad. And so I’ve developed maladaptive daydreaming. That’s what happens when you survive a hate crime just to constantly feel and know what terror is when your victim of it as well as a terrorist crime. There’s no difference really when you see the results. And the white privileged perpetrator got away with it…

So, I’d dream it away… casted it away, so it may never hurt me again on a conscious level. Maybe if I can imagine a life from ever having to experiencing what that terrible, privileged white man did to me, maybe I can live it?  That was despair and desperation.  It didn’t help I was also in a relationship with him too. It’s a danger when you’re sexually intimate with any neanderthal, just as it is with a beast. So, you can imagine just how sickening the abuse got when my skin darken to it’s natural hue…

Well… I saw the neanderthal for who he was and is. And soon many black people will too. I know this experience within my life is not just my own.

It’s what human do, we are just naturally inclined to our environment. Inclined enough to sense it and live within it. Even suffer with it. We are just that influenced. We are human. The neanderthal are noticing it too, even within their technological alien culture. And just like that, I was a person to not exist, but to be toyed with if I wasn’t being taken from. Simply too great too exist. Is that what we black people are becoming?

And remembering it all, and seeing what has happened now. I think all black people will begin to understand just what he meant when he told me that we’re simply “all the same” to be discarded, and under his white hood.

Our time is here, and it’s seriously has got to the point that we need to unify as black people. We need to re-educate ourselves, so we can love ourselves again and just as much as we loved the original kings and queens. We need to learn to be African, as well as Egyptians again. Not these slaves of imitation negros whites have created for us to be. And YAH may reward us, otherwise we melt into the melting pot of integration and assimilation to be no more.

So, something has got to give, so lets give ourselves (even try to), because we have neglected our culture and society as black people. Slavery and it’s new embodiment in racism (prison complex, police brutality and racial/terrorist attacks) is not for black people. It’s a creation the albino mutants made of themselves for themselves. They are as alien as you expect such a beast to be that is not from humanity, so we must stop taking advantage of ourselves, so we can be “equal” with them. We can never be equal with peasants.

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