Watch White Girls and Boys (White People are a Wealth of Information)

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Nat Turner’s Rebellion link

Because it’s coming to a point where we must achieve absolute inclusion in the black community. We need to come together. Alone. Under Black Supremacy. Because it is the power we have, yet need. When we come together. We were only kings and queens in Africa (Cush) but we were on our own most importantly. That’s what it has to be. Absolute. Black supremacy and power.

I’ve got over what my enemies did (Mark WahlThug and Lena Dumbam). It’s not that hard to tell that the mutants are truly what they are… aliens (or neanderthal), especially when they have such a hatred for each other stemming for a LUST from POWER/ARROGANCE (AKA White power) when they put the MAJORITY of their people in slavery or minimum wage because let’s be honest, that’s just what it really is.

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And it shows.

At it’s more common version in the world it’s trafficking (modern slavery) children and women (who are usually prostitutes) and when we think of prostitution due to obsession with white mainstream anti-sex culture  we tend to get caught up in the sexual (LUST) part of it, but there’s a lot more sickening things to it, and abuses of human rights that go along with it. Like your boss being able to beat you up and getting away with it because you work for him. Like your supposedly superior other being verbally abusive and commanding you around like his horse or animaland you just have to take it because you work not slave for them.

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Slavery still exist, and is very profitable.
I’m included within this 80% for when I escorted to the upperclass in New York. And I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one.

So it’s no shock to me that a neanderthals like to have sex with animals, puke and drink diarrhea on each other, stick jars up their ass till they brake…and well, act savagely.

It was just how I felt when dealing with lena & Mark. It was no shock that they’d abuse me. They are neanderthals beast after all. Money or not. Famous or Not. Republican or Democrat. White mutants are white mutants who will be savage beast, no matter what. They even act like monkeys. I mean what the fuck is up with white people and their lust for power/slavery, as well as their obsessive/dirty (sinful) anti-sex culture?  Which is supposedly underground, yet we seem to see reality stars or supposed celebrities (prostitutes) wherever we go. They are there. Just on your magazines. Television. Computer screens. Phone screens… You see them, yet they’re not there. But, everywhere.

And knowing this, and also being aware of the consumerist trend going on in the so-called “first world” western countries, my knowledge has saved me, especially as a black women. And it’s helped me feel a lot better for what I went through with Mark, Lena, Michael, Prince, Ruffalo, Elijah, Christopher Kutcher and other known people, supposedly superior people who really aren’t better than anyone else.

Yet they get away with pedophilia. Mark with his sister, just as Lena with her sister as well. Funny how we know all that these celebrities have practiced sexual molestation (rape and incest) and assault as well as attempted murder. Yet we don’t know about their predatory habits and history, which could be anger problems with Mark (could be rude & childish when working with movie directors & producers to the point of having AntiSocial personality) and insecurities and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) with Lena. She is medicated for this as well. Mark Wahlburger is probably or should be medicated as well, but just hasn’t gone public about it. They’re famous after all, but like that fucking matters, right?

So, what do I do about this? I watch them, I observe them. No, I do not watch their fantasies of being heroes to save others who don’t exist (I already know what’s going to happen in those movies anyway). No, I watch them for the people they are. Not for being celebrities or royalties  as the white mainstream media would have you.

I also watch how these celebrities represent themselves. What is their fantasy that they would like to market? And why? How would it help them contribute to their news/media brands, it what owns them after all.

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So, even though these rich elitist people have got away with the crimes they’ve committed. The truth is still there. It will always be there. And it’s really not so hard to see when you become aware of your environment and simply take it for what it is, rather than the fantasy you want it to be. Which the rich elite have readily prepared in various forms of media (television and movies). This white mainstream media culture after all.

People become so sad and depressed, they forgot how beautiful the world can be. So they absorb themselves in fantasies, stories and folklore. And not surprisingly, they forget what’s really there. And they forget what’s really there to do anything about it. They become useless. Mindlessly contributing to the consumerist culture birthed from the rich elite controlled mainstream media, which no doubt, will continue to encourage consuming. That the purpose of the culture after all. Greed, gluttony, lust for power, arrogance then jealously and envy (the seven deadly sins). They all help continue the purpose of their useless white money bag society, which is to make you WANT more, and of course, make you use the root of all evil to this means, money. Mammon. You may even begin to worship it.

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And they do. And it’s honestly, why it’s not so hard for me to believe that Mark got away with the crime he committed (burglary, assault, rape, and attempted murder). It’s to be expected from such a useless culture that has contributed to slavery. And nothing continued to happen even when it became revealed. Just Like Lena is held on to being the white feminist queen, yet it become known that she practiced pedophilia (having sex with underage children) as well as incest, and is medicated as a result of this.

You do not just become a predator. It’s a part of your beastly/savage nature neanderthals. Just like hating yourself/insecurities and mental disorders to boot (anger management and obsessive compulsive disorder). These things are there for a reasons, and they are symptoms of an even bigger sickness within this sick society.

And it’s something all of us are grappling with it. So, what better way to be than to be as honest and as pure with ourselves as we should be, and be aware of our environment. Those rose-colored glasses are there to fool you, black people. Take them the off, so you can become aware of the environment around you, and just beautiful it can become if we didn’t allow to become what we’re now used to it being. The world needs us, but it doesn’t need you as a useless consumer, but rather as a healthy human being.

Let’s be there for it.



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